The project seeks to create sustainable green/circular jobs through entrepreneurship for women and youth within the rural and peri-urban areas within the Ashanti region of Ghana while reducing the impact of waste generation and pollution.  

The Community Green Economic Project is a skill training which targets women and youth within the Agona district with little or no formal education. Thirty (30) women and youth within the district were selected and trained on Fish farming, Mushroom farming with sawdust, Soap making and its added value from cocoa pods as well as Organic fertilizer production. These skills set the pace for achieving the organizational aim for green/circular entrepreneurship.

The hard skills training is meant to equip the target beneficiaries with business skills, strategies and measures to sustainably develop their businesses. The training opened beneficiaries up to the need for commitment and persistence in business, customer services, market visibility, pricing, problem solving, attention to details among others that would help in their business operations. This was done at the community level using the practical CEFE training model.

The Community Green Economic Project is targeted to support more women and youths build sustainable businesses in the Circular/Green Sector, revitalize their income generation, raise their voices in decision making, transform their communities and build stronger entrepreneurship ecosystem.