Arrival of the team
As early as 7:30 am the team leaders began arriving as well as participants. Most of the participants came with their parents or legal guardians. The registration team led by Delali registered all participants and gave them their rooms. As at 6:15pm, 4 team leaders 20 participants, 4 mentors and two Camp Supports were present.

Official Welcome
Team Leader Dela officially welcomed the team to this year’s summer camp. She then briefed the team on the purpose of our gathering and urged the team to contribute their quota to make this year’s camp a success. Shepherd Morttey, also a team leader for the camp at Cape Coast educated participants on the whole Recycle Up! Ghana Initaitive, explaining the three phases of the camp as well. You can read all about it here.

Get to Know Each Other Sessions
There were two Get to Know Each other Sessions. The first one was around 4pm and was led by Team Leaders Ioana Jivet and Dela. Participants got the chance to use very nice games and exercises to learn each other’s names for the first time and at least try to remember some.
The Second Get to know session was led by Team Leaders Johannes and Shepherd and this was after dinner. During the Sessions, Participants got to engage and interact more with each other through games and exercises that involved more team work.

Expectations and Rules of the camp
Participants, Team Leaders and Camp Supports wrote on sticky notes their expectations for the camp and all expectations were put up on the wall for all to see. During the course of the next days, hopefully everyone works hard to meet their expectations and the camp expectations as well.
Everyone present also contributed to make rules for the Camp. In Ioana’s words: “We make the rules together – So we abide by them”. Ioana and Shepherd coordinated the sessions together.

Team Leaders, Mentors and Camp Supports met after the main day’s activities were over to discuss how to emulate the success of the first day to make the camp a truly successful one.

View Pictures from the day in the gallery below.