There was a Church Service for all Participants at the Evangelical Methodist Church, Abura, Cape Coast in the early hours of Sunday. Participants then returned to the School Hostel of the Cape Coast Polytechnic to continue with other sessions of the camp.

2nd Session
2nd Session was led by Cornelius and Johannes. The theme for the session was Plastic and Us. Participants were grouped into teams to discuss and answer three questions on plastics within a time frame of about 25 minutes. Teams were also allowed 3 minutes each to make presentation of their answers. After the presentation there was a general discussion of plastics among participants, session coordinators and mentors. This was the final activity for thee session The session came to a close at 4:20pm after which participants were given a break.

3rd session
This Session was facilitated by Francis and he gave a very good presentation on the Theme – Basics about Plastic. Francis gave another informative presentation on Plastics in the world. Participants were lectured on plastics, the type of plastics and why we use plastics. After the presentation participants and mentors were given the opportunity to answer questions and discuss some relevant issues about plastics as well.

4th session
Shepherd and Johannes teamed up again to lead an interactive session on Feedback and Communication.  Participants were taught about the channel of communication as well as noise and in which forms it comes. Participants were not only recipients of knowledge during this session, but they were also active contributors to the discussion. There were both theoretical explanation and practical examples which helped participants to understand communication and Feedback better. Participants were also taught the feedback giving process and the feedback receiving process and it is expected that they use it throughout the duration of the camp and even in their everyday lives.

Other Activities
Supper was at 7:11pm, after which Participants, Mentors and Team Leaders met in their various “Buddy Groups” to reflect on the day’s activities and also plan on how best to make the coming days of the camp better. There was a short Charlie Chaplain movie stream from YouTube for everyone at the Camp as an evening activity.

View Pictures from the day below: