As the days go by, the camp gets more exciting, and today’s own was as exciting as it could be.

We started the day with a memorable talk with Mr. Alfred Godwin Adjabeng, the Executive Director of Reach Out to Future Leaders Movement. He explained what it meant to be a social entrepreneur including some of his experience, and gave us good tips on how to be a social entrepreneur. It was really an interesting moment.

At 11:30 am, mentors Isaac and Emma led us through the second phase “solution to waste pollution” but not without first leading the team through some games. With the aid of some videos, they explained the problem of plastic waste and gave us some solutions to it. Lunch break was at 1:00 pm.

The next session kicked off at 2:00 pm and was facilitated by Mr. Samuel Ntumy  from Accra Compost and Recycling Plant(ACARP), who impressed upon us the mission and vision of the of ACARP, and of the various operations through which waste is managed as well as some of the products they have been able to come up with. Surely, an expert’s advice does not go amiss in such a situation.

Right after was a session of inspiration and motivation, as Mr. David Egyir led the team in Leadership and change. He went also spoke on how to brainstorm with many motivational quotes.

The day concluded with the participants taking activities to recap whatever that went on today. The day was very fulfilling. Recycle up Ghana summer camp Accra 2016 is on a jolly cruise!!!