The day started with the sharing of name tags for the participants, camp support and Team Leaders. Afterwards the participants gave a summary of what they had learnt so far at the camp. It was followed by a 4-minute activity session which was done to help relax and prepare them for the sessions of the day.

Idea Generation and Opportunities
Mr. Senyo Agbeblewu, a lecturer at the University of Cape Coast held an interactive discussion with the participants around the interesting theme: “Generating Ideas”.  The participants learnt that starting everything is hard but creativity is a deliberate process to help find solutions for problems by thinking about everything innovatively. They also learnt about the core attributes of entrepreneurship – creativity, determination, opportunity seeking, risk tolerance, self-reliance and motivation to excel. There were lots questions from participants and clarifications of some points were made by Mr. Senyo.

External Lecture
Later in the afternoon, there was an external lecture by Mr. Charles Asabre from the Cape Coast Municipal Assembly and he lectured on Plastic Pollution and Recycling. The participants were made to understand the plastic waste problem in Ghana as well as the characteristics of solid waste. Participants were educated on facts about plastic waste solutions and the change they could make in their communities. They also studied about the 4Rs of Plastics which are: Refusal to use plastics, Reducing the use of plastics, Re-using plastics and Recycling up. The session was ended by allowing the participants to explore the importance of creating awareness of plastic problems and how it can be solved.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
This Session was led by Fergusson Whooper, Ioana Jivet and Delali. The participants learn about the art of Public Speaking, barriers to good Public Speaking and how to overcome Public Speaking fears. They also learnt about the Do’s and Don’ts of Public Speaking, the kind of words to use, the gestures to use, body language and how to relate to their audience when giving a presentation. Participants were then put into groups and were monitored by their mentors to practice public speaking. At the end of the session they had learnt that putting yourself into others shoes, proper preparations, constant practice, relaxing and being confident makes one a good public speaker.

Evening Activities
After dinner, there was a reflection session which was facilitated by Fred. Participants were allowed to discuss what they had learnt for the day. There was also short comedy movie for all to watch.

Check out the pictures from the day below: