External lectures and Soft Skills
The day started with a session led by Fred on soft skills – leadership and change. The participants were put in groups and were supervised by their mentors to do practical examples on “why it is difficult to change” from their negative habits and “what to do to change them”.

External lecture on Waste Disposal
A presentation on waste Disposal was being given by Mr. Clement Abaidoo, a presenter from Eagle FM. The participants were able to know about the kinds and classifications of waste, the magnitude of the waste problems in Ghana, what to be done to reduce waste and also learnt about the “Basel convention.”
Effects of Plastic on the Environment and solutions to Plastic Waste Problems
Later in the afternoon Francis and Kwesi gave a presentation on effects of plastic on the environment and solutions to the Plastic waste problems. Series of videos were screened to the participants. The first video was on the effects of plastic waste on the environment and the other videos were on Up-cycling, the need to up-cycle, as well as its importance. Afterwards the participants were put in groups to discuss and find the various sources of plastic waste and solutions to solve the waste problems in our environment from the source. Presentation by groups were done afterwards by the participants about the importance of reducing, reusing, recycling and up-cycling of plastic waste.

Evening Activities
Evaluation session was done after dinner and was supervised by Shepherd. The participants were given questions to answer on whatever they have learnt during the past days at the camp. It was done by making participants anonymously answer an online form each. The day’s session was ended with a buddy group session where the participants expressed their views on the activities of the camp so far.

Participants prepare for the second phase off the camp: The Experience Phase.