A Trip To Aboabo (Pelele)
The day started with the division of the participants into groups of five led by each mentor. The team left for Aboaba, a community in Kumasi to have an interaction with the inhabitants on how the community managed their waste, and made an awesome finding that the inhabitants expected the government to solve their waste  problems for them rather than seeing it as their responsibility to at least take a step. The team suggested to the inhabitants to make plans to organize clean ups during the ‘National Sanitation Day’.

Trip To The Landfill
The team then proceeded to the Dompoase Landfill site where we met Mr. Morrison, the manager of the site  who gave a summary of the “what and how” waste in Kumasi is managed. It was known that the site managed both solid and liqiud waste  generated in the metropolis. Mr. Morrison also said that the landfill posed no threats to inhabitants because it is a properly engineered landfill site. He later added that it is their vision to harvest methane gas from the site to serve as biogas.

Trip To Recycling firm
Lastly, the team took a trio to Hafiziya Recycling Firm at Aboabo, a suburb of Kumasi to have practical knowledge of the lectures we had had so far. Alhaji Hafiz, the CEO of the firm also said that there a lot of opportunities and money in recycling of plastics and urged all of us to move into the venture if possible, not only for money, but also to help keep the country clean.

The day ended with “reflection time” led by the mentors and the participants gave in group presentations on everything they learnt during the day, whether their expectations were met or otherwise, their impression about the waste management strategy the community had adopted, and finally their suggested solutions.

Check out pictures from the day below: