Day 5 of the Recycle Up! Ghana Kumasi camp started with breakfast at exactly 7:30 am, after which the participants were grouped to identify problems in the Recycle Up your School project and possible solutions to these problems. Mr. David from the Seers Foundation, gave lectures on Problem solving and Brainstorming. The participants were also taken through series of brainstorming and problem solving exercises. Lunch was ready at exactly 1:00pm and participants returned from break at 2:00 pm.

After break, the participants were grouped to brainstorm and identify the role of the Ghanaian youth in waste management, after which they were allowed to present their findings. After their presentations, Miss Mariama Iddrisu from the Ghana Youth for Sanitation and other members of the Organisation took the participants through practical training on how to use plastic waste to make useful products such as rain coat, hand bags, school bags and others. The participants made wonderful products such as purses, sponge bags, bow tie, flying tie and others from the plastic waste accumulated during the camp.

A gift was presented to Miss Iddrisu and The Ghana Youth for sanitation by the Recycle Up! Ghana Team.

Team with Mr. david from SEERS Foundation

Team with Mr. david from SEERS Foundation



Display of Products made from plastic waste


Presentation to Miss Mariama Iddrisu by Participant, Francisca and Team leader, Jude


Group Picture with Ghana Youth sanitation . Team Leader Torben in water sachet rain coat

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