Up-cycling with ANOPA
Today was the first day of the experience phase  and it was started with an up-cycling session, which was led by ANOPA Group, an NGO which is also passionate about eliminating plastic waste in Ghana. The participants were educated on up-cycling and recycling. They learnt about types of plastics, the waste they generate, the reason for up-cycling and how it could help reduce plastic waste in their country. After the presentation by ANOPA there was a group discussion on up-cycling and recycling. A 5 minute game session was led by Fred to prepare the participants

Trip to the land fill site at Nkafoa
The team leaders, mentors and the participants visited the land fill site at Nkafoa, Mr. Charles Asabre from the CCMA (Cape Coast Municipal Assembly) showed  the team around the land fill site. At the land fill site, bulldozers or excavators are used to push, spread and compact the waste for the place to be used over and over again.

Nature trip to Kakum National Park
The participants were taken to Kakum National Park to observe the place to enable them to know, how beautiful their country will be if there is no waste around. They realized how important it is to keep their country clean and also the need for recycling and up-cycling to help eliminate the plastic waste problem. A reflection session was led by Fred and Kwesi after the trip at Kakum.

Check Pictures from the day below: