Community exploration
On the second day of the experience phase, the team led by Shepherd took the participants to Abura, a community in Cape Coast, to explore the environment. During the visit they were put in groups and were monitored by their mentors. They talked to the residents of Abura, for example the shop owners, the taxi drivers and the market people to identify their waste problems. After the visit they were able to understand the problems of the residents and the difficulties they are facing in eliminating the waste of the community.

Team Building
After lunch, the participants were educated on team building and the session was led by Johannes and Linda. They played different kind of games to help them know how to build good teams. This helped them to know the importance of working in teams.

Idea development, evaluation and solutions to the problems
This session was led by Ioana, Johannes and the mentors. The participants, were grouped and were supervised to generate ideas, evaluate them and use it to solve the problems they had identified during their visit to Abura community. Each group were asked to choose a problem it wants to solve and a suitable solution. A reflection session was done afterwards to enable them recall everything they have studied during the day.

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