Midterm Evaluation

Ms Janina started the day with a midterm evaluation session where the team was made to give feedback on their experience since the first day. Mr. John with Mr. Felix continued with a session to interact with the participants to suggest solutions to various waste problems in their community. Most of them suggested that ignorance and attitude were the underlying causes of poor waste management. They however, stated among others, education and attitudinal change as ways to help solve the waste problems in their communities.

Mr. David Egyir from Seers Foundation continued with a lecture on “Brainstorming”. He stated that ‘nothing of significance has ever been accomplished by any individual acting alone’. “Focus on one problem at a time”, says Mr. Egyir during brainstorming and a group should ideally be between 7 and 12. Team Leader John and Mentor John took over right after Mr. Egyir’s session to lead the participants in the “Ideas creation” session where they were individually asked to identify any waste problem in their schools and suggest possible solutions that are feasible and sustainable to these problems.

Presentation of Ideas

They presented their ideas on flip charts and explained to the team what their solution(s) were. Based on their solutions, three thematic areas were coined and these were”Education, Segregation, and Upcycling”. Groups were formed afterwards and each was assigned to a mentor. The mentors had a get-to-know session with their groups before dinner. After dinner, individual groups with their mentors met to brainstorm and develop their ideas, and that ended the day.