Presentations and Discussions
After breakfast, Johannes and Ioana met the participants and their mentors. The groups presented the structured solutions of their identified problem to the team leaders. The team leaders discussed the solutions with the groups s. In the discussions they corrected any deviations that occurred in the solution process. The team leaders guided the mentors on how to do their group’s project.

Work on Projects
Each group under the guidance of their mentors started to work on their project after the presentations and discussions of their solutions with the team leaders. After the hard day’s work, the groups came out successfully with their project works.

Evaluation of Project works by team leaders
Kwesi, Johannes and Ioana met the groups again and gave them approximately 15 minutes  each to present their project work to them. This was done to adequately prepare the groups for the final presentations at the Grand Finale. During each group’s presentation, the team leaders pointed out their weakness and guided them on how to improve on it.