The wait is finally over! The first ever recycle up! Ghana in Accra gets to rousing start. You could almost feel the sense of the occasion as the participants arrived.

1st Session
This session begun right after lunch, led by Abdulrahim Shaibu-Issah, who gave us a brief history of the camp and the purpose of the camp also.

2nd Session
This session was all about getting to Know each other. Participants, Team leaders, mentors and support team. Some games where played, like, “I know you” and “first to mention name”. After the games we could see the zeal and excitements in the participant’s faces and everyone felt comfortable and at home and couldn’t wait to get started, expectations set on a knife edge.

3rd Session
A good foresight is always necessary in every camp, and on this note the participants addressed their fears, expectations and setting of themselves camp rules. What an ideal start for amazing, informative, educative, empowerment and interesting camp!!

Finally, we had dinner after which participants where taking to their rooms to rest and continue tomorrow. Its been a great start for Recycle Up! Ghana Summer Camp 2016 in Accra.