One organization that has been at the forefront of promoting recycling and green economy in Ghana is Recycle Up! Ghana. The organization runs various community green projects aimed at promoting environmental sustainability and social development. The organization’s mission is to create a sustainable future by empowering individuals and communities to take action on waste management, environmental sustainability, and green economies through entrepreneurship. Recycle Up! Ghana operates in various communities across Ghana and has impacted over 130,000 individuals through its projects.

One of the organization’s flagship projects is the Circular Green Economy Project, which involves training beneficiaries in small and medium size ventures taking into consideration its green nature for the benefit of society. The goal of the project is to provide essential green skills to beneficiaries, particularly low-income earners and enthusiastic youth, that can contribute to their livelihoods. Thus, reducing environmental footprint by producing green products (non-toxic). It also looks at generating increased incomes for beneficiaries as well as increased revenues for the economy. Again, the green project looks at training beneficiaries on the proper ways of production which requires fewer resources, as well as effective ways of recycling and reusing resources. The organization provides the necessary equipment and training to community members to enable them partake effectively in the training. Some of these training include black soap production, snail and mushroom farming as well as organic fertilizer production. 

The Community Green Project has been implemented in various communities across the Ashanti region of Ghana, including  Ahenbronom, Krotia, Abrouso, Morso, Agona, Wiamoase, and Siewuo. In each community, the project has been successful in reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and promoting recycling. The project has also provided job opportunities for community members who partake in the training. 

In today’s rapidly evolving economy, having the right skills is essential to succeed in the job market. Access to funding is also crucial for many people who want to gain the skills necessary to advance. Fortunately, the Green economy project helps bridge this gap by offering valuable training opportunities while providing the necessary resources to access funding. In addition to providing access to financial resources, the project also provides beneficiaries with valuable support services, such as career counselling or business coaching, mentorship, business development, legal consultation and assistance, improved access to market, personal development sessions, among others. These services help beneficiaries to find the right opportunities and as well maximize their earning potentials, making it easier for them to maximize the impact of the training .

Recycle Up! Ghana is an organization that is making a significant impact in promoting environmental sustainability and social development in Ghana. The organization’s community green project has been successful in promoting increased income-earning, waste segregation, recycling and reduction in environmental footprint in various communities across Ghana. With continued support, Recycle Up! Ghana’s initiatives have the potential to create a sustainable future for Ghana.