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INCUBATION- (Community Green Economy Project- CGEP)

Graduation Ceremony- CGEP Cohort 2

The graduation ceremony for Cohort 2 of the Community Green Economy Project (CGEP) was held on 26th July at the Agona Community Centre. The ceremony was organized with the aim of empowering participants in the fields of black soap production, mushroom farming, and snail farming. The ceremony celebrated the successful completion of the Cohort 2 training and presented the beneficiaries with certificates for their active participation in the program, as well as a cash prize of GHS 20,000 support fund.

Testimonies from CGEP Cohort 2 Beneficiaries

Kwadwo Anokye, husband of Naomi, a Cohort 1 beneficiary of mushroom farming, highlighted how his expertise surpasses his wife’s who took part in the training. The business now supports their family of 10.Ellen’s snail farming venture commenced with a capital of GHS 500. She revealed that through the knowledge gained from the training, she was able to generate sales worth GHS 2,000, which significantly improved her livelihood.Samira Yussif, who received training in making black soap, expressed that the income generated from selling the black soap has been instrumental in resolving personal challenges, making it a blessing in her life.

Needs Assessment- CGEP Cohort 2 Beneficiaries

A need assessment meeting was conducted at the Asamang Community Centre in the Ashanti Region with Cohort 2 beneficiaries to identify and understand their post-graduation support requirements. The meeting focused on discussing their diverse needs, addressing essential necessities, and establishing a more practical budget. The meeting facilitated in-depth discussions between the team and beneficiaries, ultimately leading to a satisfactory resolution for each group concerning their support needs.

INCUBATION- (SNV GrEEn Incubation)

Training Sessions

In the 3rd quarter, Financial Management Sessions were organized to educate green entrepreneurs on financial concepts, covering Profit and Loss Statement, Product Pricing, and Cash Flow Statement. There was a marketing and research session, a Financial Modelling session, and a Personal Development session that emphasized aligning personal motivations with the environmentally friendly aspects of their businesses.

Learning Visit

In August, we organized an insightful learning visit where we met our dedicated group of entrepreneurs on the field. We observed their work in action, engaged in meaningful discussions about their businesses, and saw the positive impact they’re making in their industries and local communities. This visit deepened our understanding and commitment to supporting their mission-driven endeavors.

Graduation Ceremony

The Graduation Ceremony of the SNV GrEEn Cohort 5 Incubatees was a momentous occasion that took place in the third quarter of 2023. This event marked a significant milestone in the journey of these emerging entrepreneurs, highlighting their dedication, hard work, and commitment to sustainability and positive environmental impact.

Radio Tour

We embarked on an exciting radio tour featuring some of our remarkable SNV GrEEn entrepreneurs: BP Adwinsa Farms, Minana Services, GladofKims Ventures, and Progal Agro Processing. This tour was a strategic move to showcase their innovative businesses, amplify their impact, and promote sustainable entrepreneurship.

Regional Job Fair

In the third quarter, we proudly partnered with SNVGhana at the 2023 Regional Job Fair, a hub of sustainability opportunities. The fair showcased a diverse mix of employers, organizations, and initiatives all committed to advancing sustainability across various sectors, from renewable energy to eco-conscious startups. The event offered a world of untapped possibilities. 


During the third quarter, we conducted a presentation at one of our schools as part of the NWEC initiative. The presentation centered around the theme “The Ocean Tit for Tat,” which offered an exploration of ocean life and conservation. The interactive sessions and hands-on practical session allowed students to actively participate in activities that vividly brought the subject to life, providing them with valuable and tangible learning experiences.


Aggregator Donation

In July, we acquired a tricycle for Recycle Me, enhancing their mobility to and from plastic collectors. This investment aims to boost productive labor hours, improve accessibility, and significantly enhance their collection efforts.

Community Clean-Up Exercise

In August, we conducted a successful clean-up campaign in Asokore Mampong, while raising awareness to about a 1,000 community residents. The event received support from the Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly, Zoomlion Ghana, Biakoye Fan Club, and the Sanitation Department in the Ashanti Region. This initiative, under the auspices of the Coca-Cola Foundation, showcased our commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Aggregator Visit

We embarked on an insightful monitoring visit to three of our dedicated aggregators: Recycle Me, SAPTA Waste Management, and Premier Waste Services. We had the opportunity to meet our group of entrepreneurs actively engaged in the field. Our visit not only strengthened our relationship with these aggregators but also highlighted the importance of our continued support for their initiatives.


Health Screening

In collaboration with SAPTA Waste Management, we organized a health screening event in Obogu in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, to promote the well-being of women waste pickers. The event also aimed to educate waste pickers on leading a healthy life and provided essential health check-ups. The health screening covered liver and kidney function, blood pressure, glucose levels, and prostate health.

Soft Skill Training

We organized a soft skill training to empower women waste pickers. The event provided a platform for these women to share their insights and challenges in waste picking. It focused on financial management and occupational health, highlighting the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) and safe work practices. The training also emphasized hygiene and overall well-being.

Impact Metrics

Upcoming Activities

Workshop for Green SMEs

Launch of NWEC Handbook

Women in Circularity Awards 

B2B trip- SNV GrEEn Incubation

Incubation Cohort 5 Recruitment

Submission of support to CGEP Cohort 2 beneficiaries

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