On the 8th of September 2022, we had the pleasure to welcome Delegates from The German Delegation that comprised of representatives from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), German Protestant Development Organization (Bread for The world), German Catholic Development Organization (Misereor),  Protestant Association for Cooperation in Development (EZE) and the Catholic Association for Cooperation in Development (KZE) that visited the Recycle Up Ghana’s Hub. We had insightful, down to earth discussions with the delegates that broadened their views on what we do as an organization. We enjoyed getting to know more about them and their visit.

RUG’s Director, Abdulrahim Shaibu-Issah gave an overview of the vision, goals and objectives of Recycle Up Ghana. He presented RUG as a powerful and highly passionate organization and highlighted the relevance of our social work as an organization;” Supporting youths and women to build local solutions to eradicate waste problems in Ghana is crucial as Ghana produces 1.7 billion Tonnes of waste annually, and most are dumped on landfills and oceans”. Climate Change has declined economic productivity in Ghana with increased unemployment.

The Event offered some of our entrepreneurs like Eco Period, Waste Cure, Upcycle Comfort to connect with the delegates, share their success stories and milestones, goals and ambitions, and next level projects.

It was an awesome privilege to receive these delegates at RUG Hub and share our impact stories with them. It’s a story of transforming unemployment and waste pollution by supporting youths and women design local solutions to waste problems in their communities and Ghana.

Special thanks to the Delegated Team from Germany. 



Wiping out Unemployment Syndrome 

Young people are the core enablers of global change and innovation. Adequate empowerment of youths transforms them to lead great developments and maintain peace in the society. The lingering gap towards youth empowerment in Ghana poses a societal loop and developmental challenges in the country. Unemployment rate in Ghana is 8.4% (higher than the world’s unemployment rate, 5.6%). The increasing gap of unemployment vulnerabilities among youths can be traced to lack of empowerment skills and poverty. 

The definition of empowerment like Cornell Empowerment Group (1989), defined it as: “an intentional ongoing process centred in the local community, involving material respect, critical reflection, caring and group participation, through which people lacking an equal share of valued resources gain greater access to and control over those resources”. The World Bank (WB) empowerment sourcebook points out that: “empowerment is the expansion of assets and capabilities of poor people (Narayan, 2002, p. 5)

In lieu of this, Recycle Up! Ghana has a business model of supporting young persons with innovative business ideas in the circular economy; Renewable Energy, Climate Smart Agriculture Waste Management, and Climate Change Actions

We are committed to this mission by training young persons in local and urban communities, mentor and support them to write winning business proposals for funds. The Young entrepreneurs that go through our incubation programs are empowered and skillfully trained with business development strategies with related technical skills that are needed to scale their businesses. We are solving the developmental challenges and inequality gaps between the skilled and unskilled young persons.

The world is at a tipping point on sustainability. Leaders are finding means to increase sustainable measures in their strategies. RUG is committed to supporting young entrepreneurs holistically and helping them change the rhetoric in their communities.

As a forward-thinking organisation, we are moving swiftly and mapping out sustainable plans to empower young persons in Ghana by eradicating unemployment from the grassroots to the national level.