Breathe in, deep breathes. 

Our seas, our forests, her lungs are on fire.

Breathe in deep breathes,

Her grace, her patience is far over due.

Breathe in deep breathes and you’ll know what she had done for you.


But now she holds your throat, fills your nose with mucus.

Making it difficult for you to breathe in, to breathe in deep breathes..

Futile effort to survive.

Wash your hands, wear your gloves,

cover your mouth, trying to revive.

The human race, that races for its own extinction.

We believe in God but disbelief in the value of his creation.


How long would we survive. 

For me, I know I don’t have a long time to live.

Like the million people that occupied the world in the 1800.

Same as 800 people that died today in Italy.

We are all so fragile and death is inevitable.

We cry out and blame.

But the blame is belongs you and I.

COVID-19 is a wake up call to preserve ourselves by preserving the earth.

COVID-19 is the last trumpet.


By: Bismark Agyei Antwi

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