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Globally, the planet-Earth is under a serious attack as far a plastic waste is concerned.  An extract from www.myjoyonline.com reads, “There is no other material that has transcended all nations, all modern economies, and all social classes – regardless of their wealth or characteristics – in the same manner as plastic. The workable molecular polymer has indisputably become the global insignia of the modern era”. This is enough reason to establish the fact that, after the World War-I, plastics are used more than any other material and thus, its disposal presents a life threatening situation considering its non-degradable nature.

Recycle Up! Ghana, which is under the auspices of Technology Without Borders (Ghanaian-German NGO) has widened its surface area by implementing its projects at the nation’s capital-Accra. Recycle Up! Ghana, is noted for camping and training Senior High Students to equip them with the proper mannerisms of plastic waste management. However, the capital city happened to take a dose for the first time in 2016 and this time with tertiary students of the Nation’s Premier University- University Of Ghana.

In a conversation with the team leader of the above region, Mr. Julius-Jayson Botchway, he sounded very enthusiastic to break the news that, the Accra Regional Group of Recycle Up! Ghana is young but pregnant with lots of wonderful experience and impact.


He added that, the team is divided into three units namely Eduplasts, B-Park and Campus Dustbin Project. He also expressed a heartfelt gratitude to the German Embassy for manning the finances of the respective projects. In the meantime, reports on the developments of the individual teams shall be made available .