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Recycle Up! Ghana, as part of its civic duty, organised a clean up activity at the Fumesua community. The clean up exercise which was done in partnership with Premier Waste and Positive Youth Coalition took place on 11th January 2020.

Fumesua is the current location for Recycle Up! Ghana main office, thus to emphasise the ideal of a country free from waste, a clean up exercise was organised in the immediate community. The clean up exercise which was also supported by the Assemblywoman, along with other inhabitants of the community saw 25 people actively participating. Starting at the Fumesua station, the exercise extended to the surrounding communities, including plastic recovery and removing of waste from the gutters. It was coupled with waste education in Twi, a local Ghanaian language, where the inhabitants of the community were educated on the importance of waste segregation and the value of waste.

Honourable Doris Donkoh, the Assemblywoman for Fumesua, stated her joy in the initiative of Recycle Up! Ghana and especially of our presence in her community. She later assured the team that she, along with members of the community, have taken up the great initiative of Recycle Up! Ghana in waste management and will be partnering with the team in future events.