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Time with Mariama: Up-Cycling
Mrs. Mariama from Ghana Youth for Sanitation took charge after a short exercise to keep the team for used, with an UpCycling session where participants were taught how to make items from used ‘waste’ sachet rubbers. The team had hands-on knowledge of making flip flops, hand tags, sponge bags, skipping ropes, among others from mainly sachet rubbers and cardboard. The participants were very happy because most of them had their expectations met while others were caught unaware with the session and thanked Mrs. Mariama for the good work.

Trip to Bobiri Forest and Butterfly Sanctuary
After lunch, the team then headed to Bobiri Forest and Butterfly Sanctuary with the aim of getting all acquainted with the natural environment. As always, we were guided by Mr. James who took us round and gave us history about the reserve, mentioned some scientific names of trees present at the reserve before finally answering questions asked by participants. He made it known that ‘sapele’ often known as Entandrophragma cylindricum is effective for treatment of boil, though it is an endangered specie, if preservative and conservative measures are not put in place. He further said some threats to trees in the reserve are termites, lightning and humans. The team had a reelection time after the tour to know if expectations of participants were not and what they had learnt so far from the visit. The team returned to Kumasi, had dinner and ended the day on a good note with a movie tittled “Africa must unite”.