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Alhassan Baba Muniru is a 23 year old graduate of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Materials Science and Engineering. He is a co-founder of the NGO Technology Without Borders Ghana (TeOG – Ghana) which is affiliated to the German NGO “Technik Ohne Grenzen e.V.”  He is currently undertaking his national service as a Research Assistant at Technology Consultancy Center, College of Engineering – KNUST and also the National Vice President of TeOG – Ghana and the Head of Regional Group Kumasi.

Alhassan is a founding member of Recycle Up! Ghana and currently a Team leader for The Kumasi Camp. In March 2014, he was informed by the head of TeOG e.V. that two German students (Torben Fischer and Manuel Schulze) have won a seed funding from Davis Peace Foundation to implement their project and would like to collaborate with TeOG Ghana to undertake the project. Prior to the project, he had already been involved with a few projects about plastic waste management, sanitation and recycling and is very passionate about issues related to the environment. Together they organized the first ever recycle Up! Ghana summer camp in Kumasi from the 4th – 14th August 2014 which in his view was a success.

Recycle Up! Ghana seeks to educate and empower the Ghanaian youth to create local solutions for tackling the plastic waste problems in Ghana. Some of the major achievements of the summer camp is the formation of various recycle up Ghana clubs in some of the partner schools (initiated by the students) and the recycle up your school project where the students gather and segregate plastic waste in their schools for collection by recycling firms for recycling.

These phenomena have led to the sustainability of the project which has greatly influenced the need to continue and further expend the project nationwide. Together, He believes everyone can play a vital role in the dream to see a plastic free Ghana as all the “waste” generated will no longer be called “waste” but a valuable raw material for several industries.

Let’s Recycle Up! Ghana.