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Jude Agyei Asamoah is 22 years old with a bachelor of Art degree in integrated Rural Art from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, KNUST – Kumasi.

I have been a member of Teog RG Kumasi since its inception over a year and a half ago. As a member, I had been involved in a few projects such as the KNUST Dustbin Project, Akrofrom Dry toilet Project amongst others. I was a team members in charge of Logistics for recycle up summer camp 2014 in Kumasi. Currently, I am the incoming President for Technology Without Borders, RG- Kumasi.

As the chaperone for Yaa Asantewaa Girls Senior High School, I guided the students to implement the Recycle Up Your School Project, where the students championed the education for segregation and collection of plastic waste generated in the schools which is then channeled to recycling firms for processing. During this process, we were able to form the first ever Recycle Up club in Ghana in the Senior High School. Currently we can boast of a working recycle up your school and recycle up clubs in about 7 schools in the Ashanti region.

This year, as a Team Leader for Recycle Up Ghana Summer camp in Kumasi,  I intend to utilize my strong passion for volunteering to help make the project a success. This year Recycle up will not only help participants develop their projects, but will also help equip them on how to make simple crafty works by hand with the plastics.

In the coming years I wish to see a better plastic- free Ghana, through the positive impact Recycle up Summer Camp is making on the youth of today.

Help lets recycle up Ghana to make positive impact.