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Kwesi is my name and am 27 years of age. I am a Team Leader for the Cape Coast version of  “Recycle Up! Ghana 2015”. I have lived and schooled in Cape Coast. I had my High School training at Mfantsipim and then proceeded to the University of Cape Coast for both my BSc and MPhil degrees in Physics and Meteorology, Atmospheric Physics and Climate Science. Currently work at the Department of Physics in the Uni.

I have been part of Technology Without Borders for the past year and a half. I first worked on the Teaching Computer Basics (TCB) Project as a team member and now I am leading the organization of this year’s Recycle Up! Ghana Summer Camp 2015!

There has been a challenge in Ghana concerning the recycling of plastics as well as waste disposal as a whole and I believe strongly that with a little education, Ghanaians will see the need to apply the 3Rs, that is, Reduce!, Reuse!! and Recycle!!! in our daily lives. Therefore, I think teaching the Youth about the need to recycle in the way to go in order to influence the old to buy into the vision. That’s my joy in helping organize the Summer Camp 2015!.

Let’s Recycle Up! Ghana