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As part of Recycle Up! Ghana’s Nationwide Waste Education Campaign-NWEC project, a handbook has been developed to achieve the project’s goal of developing a waste education handbook that will serve as a blueprint for seamless inculcation in the standard educational curriculum in Ghanaian schools. Premised on this, we are looking for the services of highly motivated illustrators to submit their applications for consideration and subsequent award of contract. The goal is to translate conceptual theories into practical and easily relatable graphics, as well as to create a creative and stimulating framework for our educational content to aid the understanding of the target audience.


We are looking for a freelance, project-based illustrator for our NWEC handbook. We have developed a handbook of about 100 pages long and are looking for the first draft by the end of the 1st quarter of 2022. The Colour scheme should mirror the Recycle Up! Ghana’s logo. Not so many loud colours but something teens can easily relate to and intellectually stimulating. The first draft should be pdf format on an A4 size sheet. The cover page should have RUG’s logo and a nice freehand illustration of the general overview of the project.


The illustrator will be in charge of the following activities:
1. Detailed familiarization with the contribution on the basis of which the illustration is to be made;
2. Giving proposals about the manner, content, length and form of the illustrated version of the contribution;
3. Making the illustration; designing youth-relatable graphics for students age 12 to 17, creating short comics
4. Designing an engaging and creative cover page for the Handbook
5. Taking care of the typesetting and layout of the final document.
6. The illustrator will carry out these tasks in cooperation and in consultation with the project team of the Nationwide Waste Education Campaign and the authors of the textual content.

Who is eligible?

Ghanaian (& African) artists – publishing or scientific illustrators & designers – who already have experience in the field of educational textbooks and youth-oriented content can apply.

How to apply:
Please send your CV, Budget and portfolio including any relevant links to your previous publications & website/social media channels by creating a zip file and uploading it in the upload section in this form below. t1p.de/Illustrators2022

The application deadline is 15.01.2022

For further questions or inquiries, please contact: 0509541294 or