The much awaited recycle summer camp took off yesterday, 4th august 2014. Students from different senior high schools trooped in for the camp.
At about 8:00 the 1st student arrived and she was quickly registered and ushered into her room. The rest of the students, upon arrival also registered and went to their respective rooms. Some members and mentors were also registered.
After the registration exercise, it was lunch time. The students together with the Team and Mentors all took their lunch at about 3:00 pm. It was Yam with Palava sauce and everybody’s mouth was very busy.
After the lunch, Everyone moved to Hall 7 study room on KNUST campus.
At hall 7, The students were allowed to fraternise with each other,Team leaders, the team and the mentors. The student were taken through series of lectures about Ghana’s waste problems and the timetable for the summer camp by the Team leaders.
The students were allowed to suggest their own “DO’s and DON’T” for the camp.
After the lectures, some indoor games were organised.
At 6:00pm the team, went back to Queens hall for dinner and watched a documentary on plastic waste.
Check Out the pictures of recycle up day one below.