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Day 3 of the recycle was very educative and interesting. Participants went to the lecture
room at 9:00 am. They were lectured on the climate by Mr. Jamal Musah, who is the founder of the Ghana Youth for Climate Coalition (GYCC) and then presentation technique. After going through the various presentation techniques, they took lunch and went back for the third lecture for the day.
Their third lecture was about brainstorming and it was presented by Mr. David Agyir from Seers foundation. The participants were taken through various brainstorming techniques. Check out the pictures of Recycle Up Day 3 below!!

IMG_4550 IMG_4530 IMG_4516 IMG_4500 IMG_4468 IMG_4449 IMG_4204 IMG_4188 IMG_4119 IMG_4082 IMG_4077 IMG_4069 IMG_4035 IMG_3998 IMG_3985