Day 4 of the #Recycle Up summer camp was filled with field trips. the first trip was to the Dompoase Landfill site in the Kumasi metropolis. The participants were taken through various ways of treating solid and liquid waste at the landfill site by Mr. Roger. Secondly, the team were  grouped into two and they visited other places with plastic waste problems in the suburb of Bomso and Oforikrom. They then visited Suame and Atonsu markets respectively, where there is a great deal of plastic waste problem.

At 1 pm the team returned to KNUST campus for lunch break, after which they headed to a plastic recycling firm called T&Y company. At T&Y the participant were taken through how plastic wastes, particularly sachet water are recycle to form small pellet that are used as raw material for plastic products. The team headed back to KNUST campus where they had their supper.

After supper, the team celebrated the birthday of  Samuela who is one of the participants. She was presented a Cake and They sang a birthday song for her. The  mentors then interacted with the participant to get to know their experience since they joined the camp. After, the team leaders  took the participants through the programme outline for the rest of the  camping days. Below are some pictures of recycle up Day 4.

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