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To mark the 58th Independence Day Anniversary of the Republic of Ghana Teog RG Kumasi in collaboration with The Team Leaders for Recycle Up! Ghana organized a one day educative seminar on Saturday 8th March 2015. The seminar was Themed “Creating a plastic free environment; responsibility of the youth”.

The event saw the coming together of former recycle up summer camp participants who are now recycle up Ghana ambassadors as well as other senior high school students and Teog members. The seminar kicked off with a welcome address by by Jude Agyei Asamoah, Vice president of TeOG RG Kumasi. A brief lecture on TeOG was given by Alhassan Baba Muniru, The President of RG Kumasi and Team Leader for recycle up! Ghana.

He spoke about the achievements of recycle up Ghana summer camp 2014 and the need for the movement to be sustained in the country. He further set out to outline the success of the first brain child of the summer camp which is the “Recycle Up! Your School Project” which was the first task of the recycle up alumni as ambassadors. The idea of the project was to set up a sustainable plastic waste segregation and collection cycle in all the 9 participating schools. “All the schools are collecting the plastic waste generated in the schools and stored in big plastic bags which are then collected by recycling firms at a fee and the proceeds from this sale will be kept and piled up to be used for further sustenance of the project in the schools” – he mentioned. This project is implemented together with the recycle up ambassadors, their school heads and teog members. Each teog member was assigned to a particular school to chaperone and guide the students and to make sure he/she supports the students with the necessary coaching to help make the project a success. Teog also donated clearly labeled dustbins to collect only plastic bottles and water sachets and trash bags to the schools to aid the smooth implementation of the projects. Currently, three schools have already made some sale of plastic waste and other schools have complied sufficient amounts of plastic waste which will be picked up by the recycling firms in the coming weeks.

The Team leader also commended the Recycle up ambassadors, school heads and the entire student body of Yaa Asantewaa Girls Senior High School for their tremendous job in not only actively participating in the recycle up your school project but also having the foresight and taking the initiative to form the first ever “Recycle Up  Students Club” in Ghana. The school boasts of four Recycle up Ambassadors who coordinated together with their chaperone who is also the vice president of teog RG Kumasi in the person of jude agyei asamoah with the support and backing of the school headmistress to set up the club in their school. They have since recruited more members to join their club and currently boasts of a club membership of about 25 girls. They meet every week to discuss issues related to plastic recycling and also to check the progress of the recycle up your school project in their school. The leaders of the club shared their experiences to the audience and urged their other colleagues to work hard to emulate their achievements. They presented a few artifacts they made using plastic waste which were very innovative and interesting.

After the speech, a short video clip about the recycle up camp was shown and the RECYCLE UP! Ghana Summer Camp 2015 was launched by Alhassan Muniru together with Caleb Fugah, Florian Hopfmueller and Johanna Wein from TeoG Germany.

The following pictures give you an overview of the Recycle Up! Your School project implemented in Yaa Asantewaaa Girls Senior High School  by former camp participants:

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