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“Creating local solutions for the plastic waste problem in Ghana”

In Ghana,dumpsites have been observed to be filling up quickly and are overwhelmingly characterized by huge heaps of plastic. This phenomenon has resulted in increased burning of dumpsites ‘plastic waste in order to create more filing space, which produces toxic fumes and exhibits a threat to the health of surrounding communities as dumpsites are often located close to rivers that are used as drinking water sources.The time is now,GHANA needs to RECYCLE UP!

Recycle Up! is a project of Technology Without Borders and funded by the Davis Projects for Peace Foundation and support from Ghana Youth Climate Coalition.Its aimed at organizing a summer camp for 30 senior high school students from different Senior High Schools throughout the Kumasi Metropolis in the Ashanti Region.The participating schools include Yaa Asantewa Girls Senior High School, Prempeh College, Kumasi Secondary Technical School, Islamic Senior High School, Kumasi Anglican Senior High School, Opoku Ware Senior High School, KNUST Senior High School, Kumasi Academy and T.I Ahmadiyya Senior High School.

The content of the camp will be threefold with each step to be perfected in close cooperation with several partner institutions. In the first part, the students’ awareness of the plastic waste problem and related societal conflicts is raised by providing them with hands on knowledge regarding the implications of unwarily disposal of plastic waste and different ways of circumventing it.

In a second step, the students will explore their local community with the goal of applying their previously acquired knowledge through the identification and documentation of observed plastic pollution problems.

Finally, the students will develop a recycling solution for one of the identified problems in their local communities which aims at preventing long term societal conflicts. They will work together in teams of five and will be assigned an adult mentor who will have received thorough training from “Technology Without Borders” beforehand. This procedure will ensure the quality and feasibility of the team proposals.

Each team will present their idea on the 14th of August open for the public. Personalities of public authorities, environmental experts, radio & TV stations as well as the general public are invited for this “Grand Finale” of the Recycle Up!-Summer camp 2014. The teams that develop the most promising solutions will be awarded seed funding to implement their recycling idea in the local community.

Join us from 4th-14th of August,2014 @QUEEN’S HALL,KNUST as we brainstorm and create local solutions to the waste problem in Ghana.NB:Increasing awareness is one of the key determinants when striving to implement recycling solutions,SPREAD THE NEWS,like our facebook page Recycle Up Ghana for more info email:[email protected]


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Recycle up! Team

Sampson,Alhassan,Torben & Manuel