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Recycle Up Your School and Recycle Up Ghana summer camps are meant to train and educate young students as well as sensitise them on waste segregation and encourage its practice.

Edinaman Senior High School, one of the participating schools in the 2015 Recycle Up Ghana Summer Camp has already established a student based “Recycle Up Your School Club” with support from chaperons from the Cape Coast Regional Group of Technology Without Borders. The club boasts of over 100 active students who are geared towards eradicating plastic waste in their own little ways inside the school and educating their family and friends on plastic waste and how to re-use, recycle and possibly up cycle it too.
Recycle Up Ghana Team Leader, Harriet Delali Deku was in the school on Wednesday, 11th May, 2016, on behalf of the while Recycle Up Ghana Team, where she donated 4 dustbins to help the club in the collection of the plastics. Also donated were gloves and rubbers that will be used in the collection and storage of the Plastic Waste Respectively. She used the opportunity to talk to the new members of the Club about the whole Recycle Up! Ghana Initiative and also ponder on the upcoming 2016 Camp in Cape Coast.

On Thursday 12th May, 2016, the team, comprising of Harriet Delali Deku and George Osei visited another senior high school in the Cape Coast Metropolis – Academy of Christ the King. There was a meeting between the Ambassadors of the School and team from Recycle Up! Ghana, as well as the Patron of the Recycle Up Your School Club in the school, in the person of Mr. Kumi. There was another donation of 4 dustbins to help the team continue their good work of segregating Plastic and educating their peers.

The Recycle Up Ghana Team will continue to visit more schools to help and motivate them. Together, we can create local solutions to the Plastic Waste Problem in Ghana.

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